About Hudson’s Financial Planning

Financial Planning: Who we look after

Individuals and Families

Successfully managing your personal wealth requires a coordinated approach between Hudsons, our specialists and strategic partners bringing your finances into harmony to accomplish personal and family goals.

Business Owners

Owning your own business has great benefits, as well as challenges. We can help bring clarity to the more complex needs of business owners. With our specialist we will assist with your retirement plans and our experience and expertise can give you the confidence to help achieve your business goals and reap the rewards of your work. Other business-related services include business succession planning, business structures, and coordinated business and personal financial planning.

Tax and IHT business is not regulated by the FCA.


Realising a brighter future with Hudson’s

A Financial Planner doesn’t replace your Solicitor, Accountant or Stockbroker. Instead, we work with them to achieve your Goals.

We will help you plan the best overall tax strategy and bring to your attention ideas, which help you achieve your financial planning objectives. A Financial Planner works with your Solicitor to protect your estate from Inheritance Tax and ensure financial security for your dependants. A Financial Planner can liaise with your Stockbroker to help maximise the return on your capital.

Money management and investment is now a full time occupation and financial planning has become essential for anyone who is serious about achieving financial independence. Many people now expect to live to a greater age than their parents or grandparents. Also to enjoy a standard of living undreamed of in earlier times. In practice, this will be possible only if they have arranged their affairs so that they will be financially independent and able to afford not only their desired lifestyle but also the cost of suitable care if health problems arise.

By working closely with us to minimise tax and enhance investment returns some clients are able to achieve financial independence by their late forties to early fifties. In essence help from Hudson’s could make a wealth of difference.

Remember: People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan!

What does our service cost?

Our charges are based on the time you require and our terms of business are set out in a written Client Agreement.

If you purchase financial products through Hudsons, commission will be generated from the institution concerned and Hudson’s will offset that commission against our fees. Fees will normally be tax allowable if they are incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily for business purposes. Client’s children under the age of 25 are advised at our expense.

The way forward

In summary, what’s special about our services?

The way we link Personal, Professional and Business development. Our emphasis is placed on helping clients achieve their desired lifestyle.

Our range of skills and experience, our programme of continuous professional development along with our strong determination to be competent, reliable, proactive and helpful. The way we help clients improve the quality of their lives through better financial, investment and time management.

If we cannot solve your problem ourselves we will strive to find someone who can.